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A collaboration between blobb x between friends, an all-encompassing creative outlet for siblings Brandon and Savannah Hudson. While the duo’s candy-colored, experimental pop is the main focus, their 360-degree approach includes doing everything from fashion design to building sets and music production. All of those elements come together on Between Friends’ kaleidoscopic latest project Cutie, which is equal parts EP and modern art installation. 


Inspired by objects from childhood, “Fri3ndsHip bRaceleTs” pulls aesthetics from rave kandi and

friendship bracelets. Each friendship bracelet is made out of recycled plastic and is unique in its own way. Colors, hearts, beads, and handmade CUTiE charms can be found on each bracelet to homage their latest EP. 

Be comfortable with yourself, make more friends! 

Fri3ndShiP bRac3Let - Aqua

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